Sharing Is Caring: Floss Conversion Charts

In her Friday Finds, Alice C linked to the Spruce’s post of DMC to whatever (& vice versa) thread conversions. It’s really really useful & one you should bookmark, especially if you’re on a budget & can only find/afford DMC. I will second their comment regarding converting Weeks Dye Works to DMC – use two different DMC threads to get a truly unique piece of work.

Alice C’s blog is HERE – she is a new designer too & very clever! check her out.


One thought on “Sharing Is Caring: Floss Conversion Charts

  1. I’ll throw this in the pot, too: A DMC color families chart for conversions or (as I usually use it!) for “Is there any color I can reasonably sub for the 1 out of 25 I don’t have for this project?” (direct link to pdf)

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