WIP Wednesday edition ????

One of these days I will count out how many WIP Wednesday posts I actually have made…I probably should number them as I go, to differentiate, but then again, that would eat into stitch time!

Since I last wrote, I’ve done some stitching. It doesn’t feel like a lot, with the reading I’ve done taking over stitch time, and then there was the (semi-wasted) six hours hunting out the perfect chair for the MOTH. I found mine in the second shop we looked at. At about 1/3 price of the ones he is looking at. I feel that I should get the difference added to my Stitch From Stash fund!

With Believe, which is my Stitch MAYnia “whine” piece (it’s too big to hold comfortably, and paper too) I finished the last 7 stitches in the lettering, and started on the background. I should have stitched this on evenweave. Next time! Andromeda is my home/stitch group piece and I’m slowly working my way up the robes. I still haven’t decided on her skin but am learning towards over-one, despite knowing that I would not finish her until August.

andromed-on-antartic-stormAndromeda is stitched on 28ct lugana by Countrystitch in the colour Antarctic Storm. I asked Catherine to dye it slightly heavier & I’m really pleased with how the colours “pop”.


13 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday edition ????

  1. you really are altering the colours quite drastically on this piece. It’ll be interesting to see how your compares with the “original”

    • I thought lilac made her a bit wishy-washy. She might be chained and waiting to see what the Fates have planned, but she’s not a wuss.
      Kathy Watson’s used very similar colours on hers.

  2. I don’t mind perf paper, and for variation now and then, I usually enjoy working on it. But the pieces have to be small — as soon as they get much beyond greeting card size, I’m there to provide some (absolutely not by anyone’s standard) perfectly harmonized whines. πŸ™‚

      • “Oooh, swear at me again. Do you need me to drive on the wrong side of the road again first?”

      • *snort* it rained here today. You’d be forgiven thinking people were all learner drivers or foreign to our side of the road. And I was driving Si’s precious. I dropped a few words into conversations. The fact that the window was up and they couldn’t hear the words means nothing. I translated to sign for their convenience too.

      • Ah, Universal Sign Language. Too bad you were driving, or you could have demonstrated that you’re bifingual. πŸ˜€

        I try not to drive here at all if I can. If there’s no choice, I can do it, but it’s stressful beyond description. I can more or less handle “other side, stupid” now, but traffic circles still bring me to the edge of a breakdown, because I have to enter them what is to me on the wrong side *and* going in the wrong direction. At least three times, I’ve had to pull over because I couldn’t force myself to do what felt 100% to me like a suicide attempt.

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