Whatever happened to WIP Wednesday?

Long story short – this is one of the last hang-overs I had from FB. Right now, I simply don’t want to update my WIP when (for this month anyway) my rotation finish date is the very next day. This may change; I do post more often on IG or maybe it will be my Work WIP Wednesday?


Here’s my stitch calendar, for anyone who is interested. July doesn’t have heavy goals; to simply be loyal to one WIP each week at home, and to bead the Mill Hill ornaments I finished stitching last month. Simplicity is key, especially when your current season includes school holidays. I need to get out my WIP pile and work out who will be what week next month  – altho it will probably be Persephone for the first week again. A “tick” indicates that I stiched on my home WIP that day – satisyingly, there are more ticks that I hoped for!

On the being honest about my weight loss front, I had an amazing loss despite feeling blah towards the end of the week and my Sunday/Monday migraine. Another 1.5kilos – 3.3lbs, for a total of 3.9kg or 8.6lbs, very nearly Mase’s birthweight. My polar shows that I was particularly lazy some days (pretty shameful days actually) so the loss was a big surprise.  I’m going to reward myself at the 5kg mark with a Pandora five charm – they don’t appear to have a ten so not sure at that point what I will do! I am still struggling to fit in all the food (my rep says about 80% of who they see are actually not eating enough to kick their metabolism into gear, and isn’t that interesting?) but I am trying.

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