May SMALLs & WIP Wednesday

So it turns out I’m very late posting! Sorry, but last week was a mess in our household. Mase went down on Saturday night, and everyone else fell like dominoes over the next few days. I was grateful that I have a laptop for work so could stay up-to-date while I was at home.

The Smalls SAL is a free choice SAL hosted by Heather over at Stitching Lotus. You can click on the button in my sidebar and it’ll take you there or on her blog name for the current check-in page.

My May small is the spring side of my biscornu. I found what I think is the perfect thread for the autumnal leaves at my LNS the Friday before we got sick, but I didn’t stitch for a few days there (vomit doesn’t enhance much).


I’ve made some really visible progress on Persephone’s dress. It’s so freaking huge! I was thinking of swapping out to another project for June but then I worry that I would get overwhelmed & not pull her out for ages. So I think I’ll keep moving on with her. I am using the chart grid and stitching in 10*10 blocks vertically – each night I can get between 200-400 stitches in. I’ve beaded the RHS jellyfish and confirmed my substitutions for the dress back-stitch and beads. So, progress!


9 thoughts on “May SMALLs & WIP Wednesday

  1. Love the spring side, it’s very fresh looking. And hang in there with Persephone. I don’t have that kind of patience for large projects, which is why they always take me several years.

  2. Sorry to hear you all were sick. Hope that you’re on the mend! Your stitching looks great! I didn’t realize the scale of your Persephone until I saw it on your floss tube! Holy smokes!!! Nice job!

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