WIP Wednesday – the tooth version

So yeah, I get that most people reading expect that I’ll post progress weekly. But today I have a story for y’all first.

My day began the normal way; I even managed to watch one of Katie the Stash Queen’s vids while I stitched. Went to work (why can’t people drive normally the first fog day🚔). Got a head start on next week, as I completed all the reports needed for my boss’ supplier meetings (this is rather than stressing Monday when I go back to work). Drove home. Still foggy. Took Mase to the EMERGENCY dentist.


This is the new look for the next (up to) 2 years. His dad is already making hillbillies jokes; I think the lisp is adorable.


He doesn't want you too see this!

Oh. I got heaps of progress on Persephone too. Four days in a row of carving out stitch time.


I’m determined to work around that creepy hand so I can backstitch it this weekend! I have the next two days off so planning lots of stitch time.

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