WIP Thursday

This is becoming a habit! I intended to post yesterday, but a migraine got in the way. I gave myself permission to doze the day away and not feel guilt about letting the little things go – & we ended up with Chinese takeout for dinner too. Today I feel much, much better.

Instagram followers will know that I pulled Persephone out of isolation this week. I’ve gone from this to that, nearly completed the annoying jellyfish on the LHS. After those suckers I will get onto the dress conversion:

and adding to my feeling of wellbeing, I quit facebook. On my phone at least, which means that I can only get to the stupid thing if I log on with my personal laptop. Which I use maybe once a month now, so I’m freeeeeeee!



5 thoughts on “WIP Thursday

    • Mase calls them jellyfish, I have no idea what they are!
      I quit cause I got sick of the imposed feed, sick of the gushing fandom from some people towards others, sick of the cynicism & negativity. I’d much rather spend my leisure time feeling fulfilled. Mind you, I didn’t delete my profile, just the app from my phone, so I haven’t gone the whole hog. Yet. xx

      • I think they are perfect jellyfish 🙂 I definitely know what you mean about the drama on FB. You definitely have to scroll past the negativity and the drama. Some people just don’t know how to keep their fingers from typing the negative. I do hope to see you on there when you can. If not, we have the blogging world 🙂

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