WIP Wednesday

I’m full of flu but celebrating some highs, especially when I look at my October goals.
I finished Keely’s Angels, & that piece is already with the next (final) stitcher.
Yesterday I finished Lisa’s piece which had the Tattie Teddie theme. There’s a full day worth of backstitching there! Mine is the one on the right, with the pink sunflower.


And I’m down to the last two threads on Kathryn’s piece. I really like the idea of this one, as a cushion perhaps? CrossStitcher magazine from Jan 2011, designed by Jacqui Pearce.


I’m expecting to finish this one today, then I’ll be selecting the piece for the Mira RR. Yay! Love crossing off those goals.

8 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday

  1. I love Round Robins! I did my first ever one last year & it’s so nice to contribute to someone’s WIP & a great challenge trying to find something to stitch that fits the chosen RR theme! I love the work you have shared! Keep going 🙂

      • I’m part of a Facebook group called ‘cross stitch friends in the U.K.’ & it was one organised last year. It was a group of four. I picked teddy bears as my theme & others included cakes, birds & fantasy. A lovely variety that kept me on my toes for 4 month! ☺️
        I tried to take part in one this year but it’s fallen apart unfortunately! There’s always next time ☺️

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