And she’s done!

Yay for Saturday mornings with no sport.


And a close up:


I did change out some beads, more because I had them to hand but they fit so well on this fabric. Everything is still Mill Hill.
16603 became 03016.
18828 became 00143 (happily the packet I didn’t use for Stargazer).
In the bubble trails from her fins, I used 00150 instead of silver and 00161 instead of 02010.

I do feel a little stupid in that she’s been sitting in a bag for a year, and it was only a week to get a finish!

12 thoughts on “And she’s done!

  1. This is so beautiful! Xstich is new to me and I started out with such a huge, demanding Scarlet Quince piece. I didn’t know you could incorporate beads and such! I’ll have to check out the craft store from some more projects!

    • Hey Christina! Start with something simple so you can experiment. Some people like to attach beads with a full cross, others with just half. Mill Hill have some good kits that will end up on your Christmas tree – it’s great to have visual as well as verbal encouragement!

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