Brandon at fifteen

My first son. He’s fifteen today which seems to have crept up on us over night.
He’s amazing.
He’s annoying (concussion sucks, as I’ve said before).
He’s sporty.
He’s a slug.
He’s so clever (top academic stream for English, science, geography; second stream for math).
He can be so stupid (ah, brotherly “love”).
He is still likes having a long fringe. Must be because he can flick it in the girlies direction.
He has learnt to tidy his room.
He is still affectionate.
He is loyal.
He’s still mine.

3 thoughts on “Brandon at fifteen

  1. Treat him right, and though he may go away for a while he’ll still come back……

    At least, that’s what I’ve found. Once they become independent they seem to realise how much they needed you.

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