A Good Life Comes With Effort – explained

I should have elaborated on yesterday’s title and quote.

What does a Good Life mean to me?

  • Family
  • Health
  • A car that is reliable
  • A home that is warm & relatively tidy (I have just about given up on S putting his clothes away daily and am almost resigned to not actually having a seating area in our bedroom)
  • Time for myself
  • Doing my job well
  • Having at least 10 books in my eReader TBR “pile”
  • Having a creative buzz
  • Giving back (in my case I help out with the boy’s league teams where possible; I also worked in the last Census, more for interest in how things happen rather than the $$)
  • Music

It took me a while to understand I can’t be all things to everyone. I tend to find solutions for people both at work and in my private life (butt out!) and I also tend to take comments personally and stew on them more than I should. My goals for right now are the things I know make me happier, and if I’m happy, I can conquer and tolerate just about everything.

  • A little exercise every day. At least over 30% on my Loop!
  • To craft, write or sketch something every day.
  • Laugh about something every day. Today I walked to the mall to get some cough mixture (it’s not working!!!). There was an area by the foodcourt that was all roped off like Santa was coming, so of course I looked. Spongebob, at 10am. I looked at the lady waiting with her 3-4y.o. (in a push chair! No wonder our kids are obese!) then at my watch. 0921. Hmm. Then walking down the concourse I had to step to one side as another lady + pram came running up the aisle. By the time I left the mall the queue was a massive six parent/kids combos. Hardly worth the run!
  • To leave my desk having a plan for the next day.
  • Decent coffee.
  • Quiet time.

Prompt 43: My father used to call it ‘rabbit food’ and as far as Peter Rabbit was concerned it was ‘soporiphic’. What is your opinion of Lettuce – and how do you prefer it served?

This is a weird one, Myfanny. No way to sugarcoat that! I prefer Cos and served in a Caesar. No egg, tho. Alternatively with feta and cherry tomatoes and some of that Paul Newman lite Italian dressing. Nom.

Must plant some seeds this weekend.

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