Never saw the sun shining so bright, never saw things going so right…

Prompt 20: Do you have a favourite colour? Paint it on your page and write about it.

I can’t paint this page blue but it’s my favourite colour in nearly all the shades. I love those perfect days out on the water (sailing or kayaking or just lazing around) where sea and sky meet.

House walls are often Resene Half Spanish White or from their Karen Walker range, Butterdly White. I love the paler shades as everything else “pops” and Resene paint is just so easy to use, low smells and cleans up with baby wipes.

Click to access Karen_Walker_Chart.pdf

I think I’d like to try Half Robin Egg Blue or the darker Clouded Blue in my bedroom, but that would also require a carpet change and that isn’t till later on in the Five Year Plan.

Prompt 22: What was the most amusing thing a child has said within your hearing?

Z was just five when I found out I was expecting Mase. It was a surprise pregnancy (I’d been told I could never get pg again years earlier, which triggered a massive time of uncertainty & pain). I experienced 3 migraines in as many weeks when normally I’d get that many in a year, so our GP ran a few tests. It was Christmas Eve and we’d broken the news to the kids and rather stupidly I took them grocery shopping at the supermarket. In the checkout line I was talking with our old neighbour and across a few lines to a friend when Z suddenly piped up in that annoying loud voice kids only have when you don’t want to hear from them – Mummy, what did you do to get pregnant? Cue a moment of silence then roars of laughter.

Last year Granddad II said that he would buy the older boys laptops for their homework. I was quite reluctant but one of the winning arguments came from B (then 13). He earnestly promised me he wouldn’t use it to find prawn (porn)!

M makes me laugh nearly every day with his view of the world. I can’t remember anything specific just right now so I’ll have to edit later.

L used to mangle her words so we have an unique nomenclature – hobital, mazagine, serbice station and so forth.

Prompt 23: Light or heavy! What are you reading? What do you like to read? What is the most interesting thing you have ever read?

This prompt was clearly written just for me! Thanks, Myfanwy!

Like I’ve said before, I am an avid reader and if pushed, will even flick through fishing or hunting magazines if nothing else is present. I don’t read trash such as “women’s magazines” as I have an aversion to gossip and bollocks, and I won’t touch the 50 Shades genre but I will devour a lot.

Current read is deeper – Robert Hutchinson’s The Last Days of Henry VIII. Next will be lighter but I added over 50 biographies to my Sony this weekend along with the Skulduggery Pleasant series for Z on his. In physical format I discovered the GOT in graphic form, yay for libraries! Also yay for Kindle apps on my phone/tablet.

Prompt 24: Money can’t buy happiness, but what is the one thing that would make your life easier if you bought it? Maybe it has yet to be invented…

I’d love a house cleaner, but Si is too private for that. Or cheap, take your pick. And prescription sunnies as I’m not a candidate for LASIK and with my blindness, those things aren’t cheap. I could buy a small country for the price of those things. Interestingly the government i.e. my tax pays for contacts – which I then forget to renew as they are such a PITA to wear. Half the time I forget to put them in then when I do my eyes get so dry in the aircon. Glasses are easier.

I’m going to skip a few prompts as I just don’t have the answer yet for a few.

Prompt 27: Everyone starts the day in a different way. Do you eat breakfast or skip it as fast as you can? What was your first meal of the day?

On workdays breakfast is in the lunchroom with a consistent group of co-workers. It’s usually worth a laugh or two as we dissect the news (both real and imaginary) and generally take the piss out of each other. Usually muesli, yoghurt and coffee – I didn’t last too long when I tried to live without caffeine.

Breakfast on the weekend is usually solitary as it’s often my only quiet space. Toast and coffee (Copeland’s fruit toast is a fav) back in bed with my book or journal (if everyone else is up) or in the sunny patch in the lounge if everyone else is still asleep. I want this time to myself so much I even set my alarm early on Saturdays so I’m in a good headspace before sport takes over my day.


If you’ve got to the bottom of this, the reward is the beautiful Ella Fitzgerald and her song, Blue Skies. I used a couple of lines of the refrain in my title.


Vocals options are also on that page 🙂

3 thoughts on “Never saw the sun shining so bright, never saw things going so right…

  1. You could try sunglasses clip-ons- I’m not sure if you can buy them in America, but it’s certainly possible over the internet. I absolutely love them! They do can scratch glasses a little bit, but only right next to the nose-piece where you don’t look out of them anyway!

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