Journal, day eight

Prompt 8

The snowman walked in the air! Nancy Sinatra wore boots that were made for walking. Your mission today, if you choose to accept it, is to write about the last time you walked in the rain.

‘All truly great thoughts are conceived by walking’
Friedrich Nietzsche


2014-07-08 19.34.07

Today. That would be today.

I caught the train again today (it’s around fifteen minutes walk there, and ten on the other end) as I couldn’t be bothered to drive. Well & truly at work before I realised that I’d left my brolly behind, and then a couple of minutes later the tweets start.

Wind Warning. Thunder. Lightening (cue song in my head). Heavy Rain.

Brr. Got home before the worst of it, but I still had to pour the water out of my flats when I got home! But at least I don’t have to wash my face #panda

2014-07-08 19.33.12

something for my english friends πŸ™‚

Excellent news: all my blood tests came back in range, except one which I shan’t worry about. I still have a well functioning liver! Months to go before I have another scan tho. And…yesterday’s step count, which roughly equals 11.1km!

2014-07-07 21.51.07

I haven’t rotated my stitching again this week – I need to go to Ribbon Rose and get some Kreinik and beads so I’ll plod along with Stargazer’s dress. I think she’s looking gorgeous.

2014-07-08 19.14.41

Mase has been practicing his writing; there will be tears when he starts school next term and is told that he can’t write everything in block letters. At least he didn’t include New South Wales in his list of favourite teams, but where are my Bunnies?! Time for bed, little man.

2014-07-08 19.18.42


6 thoughts on “Journal, day eight

  1. Love the London Transport message. Obviously written with feeling by someone who had just returned from Cornwall. Sorry you had wet feet, though πŸ˜‰

  2. I agree I think your stargazer is looking beautiful too and glad that you got good results! I also don’t envy you being on the tube when its been raining, it instantly stinks of drying off dampness 😦

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