Last night I called my parents to let them know about our wee Surprise. Mum asks when are we getting married. Sigh.
We found out on the 23rd. Went to the doctors as I’d had three migraines in December alone, which is a lot for mein six months, let alone one! Peed on the stick and there we go. I’d rather have morning/all day sickness than a constant headache, but our first scan went well and Surprise looks healthy. And only one, much to Si’s disappointment. I think he’d enjoyed winding me up for that fortnight!
So now work knows, and I am still waiting to hear about the promotion that I went for in December. Def still want it! Think I’ve earnt it too – am putting in as much as I can. Which is admitedly less after two, as all I want to do is curl up on the couch. But that’s where Fleur is, and I don’t think i’m her type. LOL.
Will post the scan pics next week – a whole week off! Yay for sleepins.I have sensibly not made any appointments before 10…

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