WIP Wednesday#274

Hello everyone! Sorry for not keeping up with at least the weekly posts but this world? It’s got me hiding under the bed mentally.

Auckland has had another lockdown, due to Covid reappearing in the community after we had 102 days of normality. I’ve taken this hard in some ways, with my anxiety high, sleep is hard to find and frankly, I’d give Grumpy a run for his money.

So this month I have a finish – hooray!! – and a lot of progress beading on Shakespeare’s Fairies by Mirabilia. My finish is When Life is Done, by Dianne from Silver Creek Samplers.

It’s full on a tribute to Carol, with the butterfly instead of a bird, and the script in an autumn thread as we both loved the trees changing, and tulips as Mase chose those for her service. We’re waiting for Homestead to reopen then we’ll chose a frame together.

In the NZ XS group there’s a weekly focus challenge. I’m nearly there with Shakespeare’s Fairies & expect that I’ll have this one complete next week, if I have enough beads… So many beads…

12 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday#274

  1. I hope you’re going to be okay. I remember seeing the news about Auckland going back into lock down here in Australia. The projects you’ve shared in your post today look beautiful. I hope that they’re able to continue to help you with getting out of your head for a little while at least.

    • Thanks Kristen. I’ll be okay, just in my head so much, with the additional election & Christchurch trial this week, one kid freaking about his secondary results… But I’m keeping my head above water with work, so there’s a positive!
      How are you doing?

      • No worries Paula. I’m sorry for the delayed reply. I’m okay. In Canberra we’re lucky to not have any active cases. The annoying thing is other states claiming we’re a hot spot because we’re surrounded by the State New South Wales. I hope things keep being on the up and up for you and your kid gets the results they are happy with!

  2. I too am in Auckland, but very much home alone in my bubble of me. My mental head space actually got jumbled back when we went from L/4 to L/3 and a friend suggested a daily walk somewhere. At about that time, I could amble away from my ‘hood and I would bus (carless/me) some place interesting and walk. I’ve continued walking and since we got into this return to L/3 it’s back in the ‘hood. It gives my head a chance to try and resolve whatever ails it, I take a random photo on my walk to show my friend and others on my network (f/b) that I am out there…today got a little wet…but I didn’t turn back.

    I used to stitch quite a bit, but now, I’m a mixed media kind of gal…love your stitching of the sampler.

      • oh, I know that P.F. stuff, yep not great for anything including “getting out of bed in the morning” – earlier this year I had sciatica all down one leg…”touch wood I don’t get that back any time soon”

  3. Hi
    Was just wondering where you brought your cross stitch pattern. I would love yo do this as have just lost my mother and i cant find it in nz

    Thank yiu


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