WIP Wednesday #259

Hello everyone! Sorry for not being around; I’m slowing down as the year moves on into Spring. We’ve spent some time away from home (both planned holiday & unplanned hospital) and the time at home has been slow sorting out of drawers, gardens, and planning landscaping. All going to plan, tomorrow half my front lawn will be taken up by a man & a digger and we will be that much closer to installing the swim spa and a decked area for outside eating etc.

Last time I wrote I forgot to make October goals. Officially, it’s simply to keep up with the weekly #magicalstitches homework. I’m not aiming to finish any more Extra Credit this month. I’m also expecting my Garden Prelude bill, so a no-spend month is also out of the question!

I have finished three small things this month. Mase’s choice, the Blackbird Designs Sampler House stocking (need to FFO), Cloudsfactory Marauder’s Map (already at the framers) and a plastic canvas Harry Potter that’s ready for the fridge. Until I pay that bill (It hasn’t arrived yet) I’m 76 in credit. Hooray.

I’ll try to write up our recent Whitianga trip for another post this week – and I have a couple of books to review too. Take care!

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