Sharing Is Caring: The Doodle Rant Is Over

Let me start this by saying that I am not apologizing for my furious rant on facebook. I was angry, angrier than I have been in quite some time and my feelings have merit and I can’t apologize for that. But I fell into the trap. The trap set by those that want division in […]

via An open letter to anyone….. — crochetmyheart

SO – Farrah is a very good friend of mine. If I could, I’d be at her house everyday (but I haven’t yet convinced hubs we need to visit TX, let alone move there). And while I may not agree with everything she has to say, there are some good take-away points here that apply to anyone, be you from the US, UK, NZ, Australia – wherever. Whatever age you are. Whatever your background is. Whatever your religion is. Whatever.

  1. I can try to be better, act better, live better.   I can only try to treat my fellow humans in the manner I want to be treated….with respect and love and understanding. I may not agree with you, but you deserve at least that from me… if it’s earned.
  2. And we didn’t invent racism.  At least I didn’t. But only we can eradicate it.
  3. Protest your cause.  Peacefully.  If you want someone to respect you, try showing a little respect to them.  If you want someone to listen, try listening yourself.  If you want to make a change….

    Change yourself first.  We seldom see the ugliness in ourselves until it’s too late.

  4. And until we learn to respect, accept and love each other, NOTHING will change.  It’s our actions, not our words, that will prove to be effective.

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