There was a conversation on FB yesterday about the exorbitant prices some people demand for OOP charts. ME, I prefer to swap or RAK things. We’re all on budgets, we all discover designers or likes at different times so why use something so beautiful/theraputic as a money maker?

Anyways, one of the charts in question was the Mirabilia Lady of the Flag. I personally am not in love with this one, more because I can’t work out how to re-chart it to depict my country’s flag and to “victorianise” the figure. One of my countrymen piped up in the conversation “you mean the REAL flag, right?”

Oh yes. This is my current political soapbox. The idiot Prime Minister has been steadfastly ignoring the public opinion and is going ahead with a $26M referendum to pit five potential flag candidates against each other next month, then the winner against our current flag next year. What a waste of money.

retarded flags

retarded flags

As for me, I’m following the Returned Serviceman’s Association’s stance. This ballot will be featuring my writing “we support the current flag”.

our flag flying over war graves in Egypt

our flag flying over war graves in Egypt

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