How to make a cross stitch pillow cushion

Very, very useful step-by-step! Thanks to Erin for pointing me in this direction 🙂

Tiny Modernist Cross Stitch Blog

This cross stitch tutorial will show you how to sew a fun and easy fabric pillow to showcase your finished cross stitch.

If you want to follow along using the Cross Stitch pattern featured in this tutorial, you can purchase the Retro City Pattern here.

retro city pillow

Material List:

Your finished cross stitch design (on aida cloth, evenweave, linen etc.)

Cotton Fabric (or any fabric of your choice- try corduroy, denim, twill, or any other woven fabric. I don’t recommend using stretchy or knit fabric, as it will be quite difficult to sew to your aida cloth)

Fabric Scissors 

Sewing Machine (Highly recommended. You can sew it all by hand, but it will take much longer!)

Matching sewing thread (I used white)

Straight Pins (optional, for pinning cotton to aida cloth for sewing)

steam iron

Hand sewing needle (only needed at the end)

Stitching Instructions:

Complete all cross stitching before assembling the…

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